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Business Lending

Take the hassell out of Commercial Loans with over 40 lenders competing for your business

Commercial, Buisness and Industrial Lending at very low interest rates

Are you looking for a property development loan for a residential, commercial or industrial project? Having the right loan can take the hassle out of the project and help you succeed in your new venture. Ensure you have Queensland’s Broker of the year working for you not the banks.

What you need:

To assess any businesses performance you will need to supply the last 2 years business tax returns and also the personal tax returns of the directors (if applicable). Business lending is however complex and further documentation may be needed. The Cairns Mortgage Broking team is here to help you find the business loan that will benefit you, not just your lender.

Need Help With Business Lending?

Lo-document loans

Having trouble finding the right loan? Don’t despair. Today, many lenders offer alternatives for self-employed people and others with no traditional proof of income.

One option is a simple, quick and comparatively trouble-free finance product called a lo-document loan or lo-doc loan for short. This type of loan caters mainly for self-employed borrowers who are unable to provide full financial statements and other evidence of their income.

Since the GFC many Lo Doc providers have either left the market or modified their lending criteria to higher levels. Today, there is more flexible lending criteria available for those borrowers who can supply at least 1 set of financials from the last 3 financial years. Borrowers also get access to a range of loan features and options never previously available.

Find the perfect loan for you.